Monday, January 31, 2011

I had this idea...

It came to me the other day, and I haven't been able to get it off my mind.

The reason I'm putting it up here is because I want YOUR feedback. I want to know if you would do it. What you would/wouldn't want. Any additional input or ideas or suggestions.

Here it is...

I want to make a website. Since I got married, I've been really trying to be a good wife and cook dinner as much as I can (Almost impossible with 3 night classes this semester... but I'm trying). I've accrued so many cookbooks and miscellaneous recipes from here and there and they're all kind of creating a big stack in my kitchen. This drives me NUTS, being the organization freak that I am.

So I thought, how nice would it be to have them all in one spot, all in the same format, somewhere I could access them easily and in various locations (ie. iPad, smart phone, laptop, at work, at friend's or family's homes). And what do all of those have in common? The internet. So, I want to keep all of my recipes on a website. NOT a blog. Please do not get this mixed up with a blog. If you have ever used a photo-storage website, such as photobucket, it will be more like that. A place to store all of your recipes. You could have the option to share the recipes, or just keep it private to yourself. You would have your own account (like an email, blog, photobucket account, etc.).

I was thinking of charging $10 for an initial account with storage space enough for maybe 50 recipes. Then if you go over 50, its just like $2 for an additional 50 recipes. Or something like that. Or just charge a little bit more initially to have unlimited storage space.

Of course the format for the recipes would be designed super cute. There would probably be a variety of designs to choose from.

You would have the option to print them out.

You would create your own different "sections" (ie. Appetizers, desserts, etc.). 

It would almost just be like a digital recipe book (similar to the Kindle concept, where you "flip" the pages)

You could upload photos of the recipes, even add photos of each step if that's your thing. (I love having images of the food!)

Personally, I often use my laptop in the kitchen to read my recipes, so this is perfect.

I know there is software out there that can do something similar to this, however, I feel like the website concept is much more accessible and cost-effective, like I said before, you can have it on your iPad, phone,... anywhere that has internet... Not just your home computer.

Now its your turn. What do you think? Leave a comment or email me at htintle at gmail dot com.


Austin and Andrea said...

Yes! I would love it!

Rachel said...

I think it sounds good. I like the idea of having it on the internet that way if you you want to make it at a friends house or share it you have it with you. Something that I always try and do is gather my recipes for the week so is you had a folder for "this week" and maybe a shopping list section that you could print out or have on your smart phone for when you go shopping. Also maybe you could do something like itunes has, like you have put this in your meals 5 times, that way you know without you family having to tell you that you make a that meal ALL THE TIME!! Sorry Just rambling hope some of this helps.

Mrs. Frederiksen said...

Casey and Nicole said...

I LOVE IT! I actually go to our homemakers blog all the time to look recipes up... that sounds like it would be way easier. I spend five minutes hitting "older posts" just to get to the recipes I want. I have also forgotten a lot of good recipes people have given me over the years cause I had nowhere to put them. The only problem I see with this is people will not want to type them up initially... however, a lot of recipes I have gotten from other people, they have e-mailed me. I say DO IT

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Allrecipies? It has all those capabilities -- but it's free! It's really quite great. And if you try someone's recipe but changed it a little, you can post your altered recipe attached to their recipe.