Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So I've finally done something I've wanted to know how to do for a long time now. (Well, technically I haven't done it yet, but I will soon) And that is customize my blog, rather than just using the same old blogger templates they have (which aren't that bad, I must say). Hopefully in the next week or so it will be looking extra cute!

Along my journey I came across this brilliant site that is so helpful in DIY blog customizing. Some of the advanced stuff might be either over your head (coding with HTML and CSS... gulp), or using programs such as Adobe Illustrator to make your own designs. I was actually surprised, though, that I followed all of their advanced tutorials without flaw. Well, I guess I do have the advantage of owning some Adobe software and I happened to take a web design class last semester so I kind of understand HTML jibber jabber. But this website makes it so easy! Try it!

Or, if you're needing extra help or tips or want me to design something custom for you, I'd be happy to! Just let me know



Allyson said...

I'm excited to see the finished product! good luck :)

Heather & Josh Young said...

I need serious help! I would love a more customized BLOG! Pretty please?