Friday, May 13, 2011

And I'm back in the game!

I started tennis lessons on Wednesday! I know, right?

So I played a little bit in high school. ... Well, lets face it, I played my sophomore year, then Junior year we got a new coach and didn't end up making the team again (but his daughter - not as skilled in tennis as one might like - did make the team. Nope I'm not bitter about it still. No way.). Let's just say that that was the hardest I had ever cried up until that point in my life. The next hardest was when I got my first speeding ticket 2 months after getting my licence. But that's beside the point.

Ever since then I played off and on but never very seriously. I knew I had skill, though. That is, if you call "skill" losing [badly] to your 50-something year old father who doesn't even have to move his feet - he just hits a hard one, I duck, and its his point. Again, beside the point.

So I decided that this summer, I'm going to get good again. So I went to my first lesson, and naaaaailed it! My teacher even threw out a "Man, I'm going to have to be harder on you." Little did he know my head had just grown three times bigger than before. But then I remembered I'm taking lessons with girls my age(?) who I caught saying to each other when the lesson was over: "Like, let's totally go tanning later, ok? Ok call me. TTYL bff!" I was like, so totally not judging them or anything. But you know what I mean.

The real point is - I had fun and I'm excited to refresh my skills. And I made Jake promise that our Friday night date would be a few rounds of tennis.

I'll let you know who wins.

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rache g. said...

ha ha I love this!! so cute & fun! hope they are still goin well!!