Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How I gained the best five pounds of my life.

 First of all, a shout out to my awesome and generous parents for taking Jake and I to and all-inclusive resort called The Excellence in Cancun, Mexico! It was a dream, thank you Mom and Dad!

Back to telling you how I gained the best five pounds of my life...

It started with eating. Out. Everyday. As much food as you wanted. (not a good thing)

We made some friends along the way. Geckos and Iguanas were literally everywhere.

We spent an entire day snorkeling and relaxing (and eating) at an amazing ecological park called Xel Ha ("shell-ha"). Jake was a little fish the whole day. This was the night our Resort told us a Category 2 Hurricane was expected to hit Cancun. I was a little freaked out. It didn't end up hitting, but the power went out a few times and the next day it rained half the day, which was actually beautiful!

This was the bridge we crossed from our room every day. The pool you see here is a lazy river. Yes, we were very lazy.

On Sunday, we actually found a small branch in a town called Puerto Morelos about 10 minutes from our resort. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The people were so kind and humble. See that little black sign telling us that this was the church? It was actually a rented house they use to have church in. Cool.

The resort lobby.

We had a carribean fiesta right on the beach one evening and danced the night away to Jakes favorite music: Bachata.

Oh, and we ate some more....

And met some dead people. This was actually pretty cool. Every night at the resort they had a show, and this night was a tribute to MJ. It was so entertaining.

We just layed out at our very own private, white sand beach. No biggie. The even cooler part was that guys would come ask us if we wanted drinks, and I would say, "Yes, one pina colada, no alcohol." And five minutes later I'd be sipping a pina colada. Heaven!

This was probably the most exercise we got, walking down this pier. We went to the city Puerto Morelos and did some bargaining.

Again, we ate.

Our beautiful beach!

Our resort always had activities from volleyball, soccer, water aerobics, yoga, and here you see us kayaking! 

Oh, and is that us eating again? Yep. And there's one of my many pina coladas.

Laying out.

Jake was always at one bar or another ordering more drinks. I was so proud of him for using his spanish while we were there. Its so cute when he espeaks espanish.

Just another view of the pool. So amazing. You can see kind of in the middle of this photo, there were full on beds to lay on by the pool. Can you say heaven?

The only bad part was that we both got eaten alive by mexican mosquitos. No clue why they chose us, because nobody else had them. We think its because we were probably the only ones there not drinking alcohol.

And this is what we look like now.

But what a wonderful vacation it was!


Austin & Andrea said...

Oh boy...can I related this post. Austin and i had an identical all inclusive vacation to cancun too....except gained the best TEN pounds if my life. Looks amazing.

Lindsey said...

This was so fun to read! I loved this resort. You actually went and did more things than Mark and I did... I wanted to go to Xel Ha and Tulum and a bunch of other places, but all Mark, Mom, and Dad wanted to do was lay on the beds by the beach. Oh well! And yes, it was the best 5 lbs ever (it might have been more for me... I was pregnant with Jack, after all!).

Molly said...

espeaking espanish eis guud. and Im so glad that you had a fun time! its nice to see pictures ;)

Tiffany said...

Fun Fun Fun! What a great documentation of your trip. The bug bites gave me the willies. You poor things. Oh, never mind, I don't feel too just spent an entire week laying out on the beach.

Wendy said...

What a fun time- thanks for sharing the pictures.