Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fall Semester 2010

Its finally over. Not that I didn't like it, its just time for a much needed break. So, I thought I'd share with you my projects from the semester.

Eh em...
(click on any of the images to see them bigger!)

From my Typography and Layout I class:
MONOGRAM - basically a logo with my own initials. Can you tell its two h's but the bottom one is on its side, and just that little slice out of it makes it into a c? I thought it was kinda cool.

TYPOGRAM - making a word have more meaning by visually changing an element. For this, I simply took the dot of the i and put it into the o to make it look like an eye. The dot of the i makes the dot of the eye. I ended up turning in the second one down on the left. What do you think? Such a simple change makes the word make that much more sense.

TYPOGRAPHIC POSTER - The assignment was to chose a typeface, make it into a poster and include a 300 word essay, the typeface designer, the name of the typeface, the year it was created, and the entire alphabet in that typeface. I chose Century Schoolbook, a typeface commonly used in children's books to help them learn how to read - hence the shape of the essay forming a book shape.

BROCHURE - This is just the cover of a 4 spread brochure I made for a product the company I work for sells called a Letterpress (If you got my Cmas card, I hand letterpressed it with this machine).

And for my Digital Painting class (all photoshop):

SELF PORTRAIT - The first project of the semester. I had no clue what I was doing. A self portrait incorporating something we are passionate about. I'm passionate about Jake so I incorporated the necklace he gave me as a wedding gift with our initials on it.

DESIGNED SHAPES - Requirements were to show an animal, being the focal point, in its environment, with type displaying the location. The process of this assignment was very fun and unique. The style of designed shapes is similar to art deco type posters with simple shapes and shading.

MIXED MEDIA - We had to used other media - anything from photography, to paint, to drawing, whatever. I hand sewed both of those dolls (it took me forEVER) and drew his hands and face. For this assignment we had to pick a historical event and take an artistic standpoint on it, incorporating mixed media with a purpose. I picked Thanksgiving, which, come to find out, was not always on the 4th Thursday of November. That date was chosen by FDR who chose it with the specific purpose to boost sales for the holidays to help the economy. I'll let you figure the rest out.

AIRBRUSH TOY - I am actually extremely impressed with myself on this one. We had to design a toy (not already existing) and make it look REAL - like on Toy Story. I didn't think I could do it, but I did. He's a little dancing monster. Cute, and too bad he isn't a real toy or else I think he'd be a hit this Cmas.

And one last project for my History of Graphic Design class:

THE WAFFLE - We had to pick one designer from our textbook and make a poster based on their style, advertising a product, event, or service. I've been dreaming for a few years now to have a waffle stand called The Waffle at the famers market. So I chose to do my poster advertising that, based on Bauhaus designer Herbert Bayer's style. I even used a font he designed himself. Can you see the ego-shaped waffle?

I can't believe how busy these projects kept me this semester - or how much fun I had doing most of them! I loooooove what I do.

And now I'm off to MEXICO for two weeks!! I know what you're thinking... Again?? Yep, again, but to the other side this time. See you next year when I'm tan tan tan.


ashley said...

Oh I've been waiting for this! I really like the century schoolbook poster. And I'm glad you posted this because it gives me some ideas for little assignments I can give myself to build up my portfolio. Have fun in Mexico!

Keith and Trish said...

Wow, do I have a talented daughter! And to think-she got all of that creative side from me! OK . . . Mom too.
Sincerely I am impressed with all of these projects and the fun you must have had completing them.
I can't imagine that someone would really pay big bucks for you to have such fun in pursuing a career. Just think of the posters you can make for me when I run for office next year!! (chief dog catcher)
You did great Hay!!

Holly Sparks said...

This makes me so excited to start taking art classes!!!

Anna Marie said...

Hello! I can't believe it took me so long to find and stalk your blog! :) I love your mixed media piece. Very cool (and informative!).