Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I've submitted!!

Hey guys.

So I've been wanting to submit designs to either Threadless or Minted for a while now. I finally got up the guts.

Vote for my
design on minted.
Mustard Lemon
see more from Hayley Castle
vote for me!
Check out my competition in Christmas cards and Save the Date cards at Minted.

My design could win for $$$ for me and to actually be purchased on their website! I would love any feedback you have, because I can change my design from now until December 10th. So critique away and let me know what you think! Oh, and VOTE! I'd love to win :) But more than anything this is a great experience for me to get my designs and my name out there in the design world! FUN! I love what I do.

**NOTE: Voting opens around Dec 10th, so don't forget to come back and vote then. :) Thanks!


Mrs. Frederiksen said...

Love it! However, on your design, you left the "t" out of fesTivities. ;o)

ashley said...

So proud of you! I will be voting for you as soon as I create an account.

Wendy said...

Hay, did I vote when I made a comment on the design blog?