Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3rd Floor

I went to the new school library for the first time today. My goal was to study in a quiet corner, but by some force of nature I was drawn to the 3rd floor.

I stepped out of the elevator and peeked to my right. A lonely table by the window was calling my name and there I was about to immerse myself in textbooks, when I looked out the window; before me an indescribably beautiful panorama of the "other" half of the valley I have always, until then, taken for granted.

As far as my eye could see to both sides were the breathtaking silhouettes of the uneven Rocky Mountains. Their backdrop beginning with the color of creamy peach fading up into yellow then mint green and back to the natural sky blue and finally navy. The natural beauty tripled my stun as it reflected itself into it's surrounding water-body.

I was literally in a trance and the window in front of me seemed to disappear. God's thumbnail stuck out of the slowly bluing sky and the lights of the valley began to twinkle. The movie-like scene became even more so as Clair De Lune played peacefully in my ears through my iPod.

Then I knew I was in the right place, stinky apartment and all. If anything was keeping me here, my view from the 3rd floor of the library sure was.


by AnnieValentine said...

You know, it's your ability to listen to God that makes you so wonderful. Those moments of quiet inspiration and solid revelation are precious and powerful, treasure them. It's not as easy to hear them with three screaming kids in the background :)!

Katie said...

Oh Hayley. I wish I could see life like you, you always see the good. I talked to your dad the other day in the hospital, and I'm glad to hear that you're staying. I'm sure there's much that you'll learn this year down there!

Pandora said...

Good words.