Friday, August 21, 2009

The Castle

This is our house!
....Okay, not the whole thing....

....Just the top half of this part.

Here is what you see when you walk in the front door. And now for the tour.

To the right we have a kitchen table. $10 at a garage sale. The legs painted Hep Green (Shout out to my Sherwin Williams manager brother Darren who hooked me up!) Jake used his drill to do man stuff to make the table more sturdy. And the chairs. OH, the chairs. They are my lovliest KSL find. $75 for 8 chairs from an old mansion! Dang, I'm good.

And to the left, another garage sale glory! My one-dollar table, which used to be 1960's gold and dusty. I washed it up and painted it and voila! A darling conversation piece. The lamp was a thrift store find, matched with a shade I covered in fabric.

Up ahead, the family room. What will soon be used as a TV table, (May or may not actually be a changing table. I dont know.) $10 garage sale, painted yellow, and a major splurge at Anthropologie for some groovy knobs. The glasses on top were used at my wedding reception as center pieces. I knew they'd come in handy.

Looking back on the couch (Thanks Kyle and Jill!), which we took apart and fit in what we could, using my cozy LoveSac as a corner. It works. And on the left, the most marvelous lamp you'll ever see. The double doors double as a coat closet, slash, pantry. (Stay tuned for close ups!)

The bedroom. Enough said.

View from the bed. The window, my mom and I found at a garage sale, and painted (Are you noticing a pattern here?) We got glass put into the window and used vinyl lettering to put our names onto it. We used it at our wedding reception, and just couldn't get rid of it afterwords. Makes a cute decoration. Oh, And all of the brown retro furniture came from my sweet Granny and was in mint condition. Thanks Granny!

And onto the closet. That door on the right.

Our closet goes straight into the bathroom. (Note: I am not showing many of the clothes for Jake's sake. He has so many. I didn't want to embarrass him)

Turned around,from inside the closet, looking into our room.

The bathroom. It's blue. And boring.

Speaking of blue. Jake and I are only allowed to put our blue toiletries on top of our toiletry drawers. No, I'm not picky or bossy. Not me. Notice on the right, where the bathroom is also connected to?....

The kitchen!! My house is a CIRCLE! It's awesome.

View from the kitchen into the entrance and kitchen table. Just so you get the whole picture.

Now for the Close-Ups!

Jakes contributions:

Coke Zero.

What I like to call "The Boy Pile". All of his junk, in a pile on his dresser. I straightened it up for the picture, though.

And last, but certainly not least, The Duck. Don't ask.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

cute, cute, cute, cute, cute. and so you.

ashley said...

Dear Hayley,
I have never seen a newly married place that was so FREAKING cute! You are awesome. I'm hoping to see it in person sometime soon :)

Kylar said...

Hayley this place is dang cute!! I love your decorating style and all the fun stuff you've found at garage sales!

Jordan said...

Hi Hayley. This is Jake's cousin Jordan. You blog is SO cute and I think you and Jake are such a cute couple. Way to go on all of your SWEET garage sale deals. Love you house.

rache b. said...

its rachel bradshaw and i just have to say your apartment is absolutely adorable! i can not wait to see pictures from your wedding as i can only imagine how beautiful they will be! anyway keep blogging i love your blog!!

Wendy said...

Your is home is so dang cute. You are very creative and talented.

Katie Lane said...

i love it Hayley!
I want to hear the story about the duck. Adam had gnomes. weird boys.
Soooo wanna come help me do my place? I love yard sales but I think you might be better than me at finding fun pieces!

Britney Milne said...

SOOOOO adorable! I love it Bookity.

Jill said...

LOVE the tour! Love the place, nothing like our first ghetto apartment! Your stuff is all so cute and bright!! So fun! You are very talented, you need to help me out!!

Stephanie said...

what a cute place! we need to come see it sometime soon!

ps our blog is

Keith and Trish said...

Holy Cow! How did I raise such a talented, creative daughter? Dang, I would move in your apartment. You know how to make places seem happy. Love you baby girl! MAMA